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Friday, 9 June 2017

Two days at Cadillac’s V-Performance Academy turned me from a wannabe racer into a lap record chaser

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Two days at Cadillac’s V-Performance Academy turned me from a wannabe racer into a lap record chaser
 “First you’ve gotta learn to wrestle the bear, then you’ve gotta learn to dance with it.”

This was the phrase I repeated to myself over and over as I barreled down towards turn 5 at nearly 108 miles per hour, but among all of the track driving advice I’d received in nearly two days, instructor J.J.’s crazy grandpa-esque nugget of wisdom was the one that truly stuck with me.

For I was behind the wheel of the 640-horsepower Cadillac CTS-V, and all 4,000-plus pounds of it was hurdling towards a 90-degree corner at triple digit speeds armed only with a set of Brembo steel brakes and some properly warm Michelin Sport Cup tires to wrangle in the mayhem.

It sounds daunting, sure, but after spending nearly 16 hours on the track and in the classroom at Spring Mountain Motor Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, I felt more than up to the task. I was gonna wrestle that damn bear, and then I was gonna take it out for a night on the town.

The V-Performance Academy is permanently located year-round at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump,
If this sounds like your cup of tea – hot, extra caffeinated, stimulant-laced tea – and you happen to be the owner of a 2017 Cadillac V-Series model, well partner, you’re in luck.

For every buyer of a new 2017 CTS-V or ATS-V, Cadillac offers two nights at Southern Nevada’s finest motorsports country club, complete with a furnished condo, complimentary meals, and the shield-adorned weapon of your choice for two days of hands-on fun with some of the best driving instructors in the business. As long as you can fly or drive yourself out there, the experience is yours, free of charge.

To show us exactly what participants get, Cadillac brought a group of six journalists along with an equal number of V-Series owners for the program, and if I thought I knew squat about racetrack driving beforehand, boy was I mistaken.

Spring Mountain’s staff of instructors is well versed in teaching relative novices how to drive high-performance cars fast around a track. In fact, the multi-purpose facility has been home to the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School for owners of new Chevrolet Corvettes for almost 10 years, and Cadillac, seeking to further establish its reputation as a global performance luxury brand, wanted in on the experience.

In the past, owners could pay for the two-day program if they had bought a new V model – as a few of those attending the program had done – but for 2017, the experience is included in the price of every new V model. All you have to cover is the flights… and an insurance policy, but that goes without saying.

Of course, V-Series ownership is not cheap, with the cost of entry ringing in at $60,695 for the ATS-V sedan and climbing all the way up to $85,995 for the CTS-V, and that’s before you add all the go-fast goodies like carbon fiber accents and track-ready tools like the Performance Data Recorder and Recaro racing bucket seats. In theory, the cost of this program basically pushes six figures, but somehow it feels worth every penny.

Optional Recaro racing seats and carbon fiber trim might seem superfluous, but for track driving, they’re essential.

While other luxury performance automakers offer track driving experiences – think Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and the like – Cadillac is the only one to do it free of charge to the owners, and that puts them at a bit of an advantage when a potential buyer comes cross-shopping.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, the package includes two nights at a furnished condo right next to the track, catered meals at the country club facilities, access to a pool and several available watersports and leisure activities, and the chance to drive a stock version of your new Cadillac around a racetrack for the better part of 8 hours over two days. The club also maintains a fleet of new CT6 sedans and XT5 crossovers for you to use at your leisure when you’re not in class or on the track, just so long as you return it with a full tank of gas.

Plus, you get a hat, jacket, and a fancy carbon fiber plaque at the end of it all.

Did you know that there are 8 distinct steps to take when attempting a corner on a racetrack? I didn’t, but I’ll never forget them now.

Got it? Great. Now try remembering all of that at 108 miles an hour on a hot Nevada summer’s day.

Of course, the V-Performance Academy doesn’t throw you to the proverbial wolves right away… or I should say proverbial bears.

Each two day session starts with an intro and safety presentation from Rick Malone, the impossibly cheery-lead instructor of the V-Performance Academy, and arguably one of the few people in the world that could make something as unbelievably taken-for-granted as “looking where your going” feel like something you’ve never considered before

Complete with a sun-soaked skin, a grin the size of the Vegas strip (but who can blame him, this is his “retirement career”), and hand gestures that would make a Jersey deli owner blush, Rick is a wizard at ridding you of any butterflies in your stomach, mostly because it seems like he’s got ‘em too.

A quick introduction to the rest of his team of instructors – a collection of seasoned racing pros ranging from a current NASCAR driver to one of Formula Drift’s newest recruits – and it’s right down to business. Look where you’re going, don’t get too cocky out there, and “we’ve never had a car written off so don’t be the first to do it” about sums up the first classroom session, then it’s off to the skid pad for some driving basics.

Since the junket of journalists had our pick of which car we would wield throughout the program, I decided that the 467 horsepower ATS-V wasn’t hardcore enough for me, and strapped myself in to the supercharged CTS-V, if not only because I’d spent minimal time with the thing in the past, and wanted to see what a Corvette Z06 engine in a Cadillac felt like at the absolute limit.

After testing heavy braking and quick lane change maneuvers on a wet strip of tarmac and completing a slalom course with a giant sunshade on the windshield to get you to look out the side windows for where you should be headed, it was back to the classroom, and then quickly back out on to the track for some practice on a slalom in different driving modes (Tour, Sport, Track, and with various traction control programs turned on or off).

There was a lunch tucked in there somewhere, but most of us were itching to get done with the classroom session and out to phase three: controlling oversteer and understeer and a high-speed loop to teach you how to approach different kinds of corners.

Yes, the oversteer practice included full opposite lock drifting on a wet figure-8. And yes, it was righteous.

By the end of day one, you’re positively chomping at the bit to get some time on track, and that’s exactly what we did next, with groups of three student cars following one lead instructor for some warm up laps, and trading spots right behind the lead car to see how fast you were able to push the cars on day one.

A few low-speed laps and I was already sweating like a glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day… or rather, a nervous Northeast-bred journalist on a normal Nevada day.

Before I worked my way up to the front, I got the chance to see how my colleagues were doing with the instructor’s guidance, and got to marvel at just how competent these guys really are.

To put it in perspective, Rick’s team of instructors were leading a bunch of relatively experienced automotive journalists trying their damnedest around a track with one hand on the steering wheel, another on a handheld radio, and both eyes scanning every rear-view mirror for signs of a mistake.

“Watch your throttle coming out of turn 6 there.”

“A little too late on the brakes there Brian.”

“Nice work, way to get that weight over the front wheels and kiss the apex.”

Hell, I’m convinced these guys could put up a faster lap time around Spring Mountain’s track 1 in their sleep than I could after a full day of trying.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what I was attempting to do in my head that night while falling asleep.

Day two brought with it more involved classroom sessions and a full day of all-out track sessions. We would give it our all in the lead-follow formation out on track, come back in, and learn a little bit more about advanced performance driving techniques, like using trail braking to turn weight transfer to your advantage, being smooth and gentle with your throttle inputs, and braking the opposite of how you would when approaching a red light at an intersection.

For every session, though, it wasn’t just the instructors that were watching us like hawks. Cadillac’s V models offer a $1,600 option known as the Performance Data Recorder (PDR), which uses a windshield mounted camera and every sensor the car has to offer to take a video of your drive, overlay track-specific information like RPM, speed, selected gear, brake, and throttle pressure, and even lets you set a finish line point via GPS and draw out the racetrack so you can time your laps accurately. It’s an incredible tool for performance driving, and isn’t offered by any other automaker as of yet. Plus, you can use it to spy on valets and dealership service employees to make sure your car goes where it’s supposed to when you’re not in it.

Armed with a complimentary SD card with every lap of the last two days, I offered up my data to be used as the demonstration material for the class… for better or worse.

Using the Cosworth Toolbox software (unfortunately only available for Windows-equipped computers), we were able to see the racing lines I took on a satellite map of the track, my maximum tire, oil, and transmission temperatures at each lap, and where exactly I made up or (usually) lost time in relation to a pre-loaded instructor’s lap.

The demonstration lap, run by Blake, Formula Drift’s newest driver, rang in at about 1:21.00. My best lap of the day was over four seconds slower at 1:25.10.

I felt a pang of disappointment, and it showed on my face, but classroom instructor Rico quickly reassured that my lap time was among the best they’re able to coax out of V-Performance students, so with my head held high and my pride properly bolstered, I headed back out on track for the last two sessions of the day and promptly let overconfidence ruin my lap times. Womp, womp.

Having spent most of my time in the CTS-V, I took the ATS-V for a spin during the last session of the day, hoping to gauge the difference between the two hi-po Caddies. As it turns out, the ATS-V is much better suited for a technical track like the one at Spring Mountain, and with 400 pounds less weight and more responsive chassis, it instantly felt confidence-inspiring, at least more so than the grizzly in a Saville Row suit that is the CTS-V.

But while I derived the most confidence from the ATS-V’s driving dynamics, the satisfaction of coaxing a sub-90-second lap time out of a 640-horsepower midsize Cadillac was immense, and one of the most triumphant moments I’ve experienced in a long time. I had wrestled the bear, danced with it, and gone home without a scratch.

It’s often said that “speed kills,” and while I don’t necessarily agree with that statement in such a simplistic form, it’s undeniable that excessive speed can most certainly be deadly.

How many times have high-horsepower cars been spun out leaving a Cars and Coffee meet (we’re looking at you, Mustang drivers), or exotic Italian rental cars been wrecked because of general dumbassery (also looking at you, Justin Bieber)? Countless, it seems.

If you have the means to buy a car that can reach triple-digit speeds on public roads in less time than it takes to realize how incredibly idiotic you’re being, then you likely have the means to attend a performance driving school, even if it’s not included in the purchase of the car. Heck, I’m of the opinion that it should be mandatory experience for anyone who owns or operates a car with over 450 horsepower.

And if Cadillac wasn’t on your list for a high-performance luxury car before, allow me to be the first to tell you that it damn well should be, if not only for the experience available to you at the V-Performance Academy.

These ain’t your granddaddy’s Cadillacs, and this ain’t his driver’s ed. class either.
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Monday, 5 June 2017

NHRA drag racer hits 331 mph record, bursts into flames crossing finishing line

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NHRA drag racer hits 331 mph record, bursts into flames crossing finishing line
 Drag racing, though an exciting motorsport to watch, always has the potential to end poorly. However, while there are plenty of instances of ugly crashes, it’s not every day you see a racer’s engine explode.

During a qualifying run for the NHRA New England Nationals at New England Dragway this past Friday, driver Courtney Force found herself in that scary situation when a fuel line burst on her Advanced Auto Parts Chevy Camaro Funny Car.

Force crossed the finish line first with a top qualifying speed of 331.53 miles per hour and a new track elapsed-time record of 3.842 seconds. As impressive a feat as that was, things quickly turned dangerous as almost instantly, her car exploded and ended up crashing into, and dragging along, the left side wall.

As terrifying as the explosion looks, Force easily walked away from this one, immediately hopping out of the car once it came to a stop. She didn’t seem too daunted by the accident, joking in a television interview with Fox Sports afterwards, “It was a burst of flames, and the next thing I know I was driving a Chevrolet convertible.” It wasn’t long before she was back on the track with a replacement car for a second qualifying round.
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The Spousal Report: Should you wait for the redesigned 2018 Camry, or get a great deal on the outgoing 2017 Camry?

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The Spousal Report: Should you wait for the redesigned 2018 Camry, or get a great deal on the outgoing 2017 Camry?
 Toyota is getting ready to roll out a completely redesigned 2018 Camry, one that it claims will be more fun to drive and stylish while raising the bar in terms of safety systems and technological sophistication. The company’s president, Akio Toyoda, even calls the new 2018 Camry “sexy.” Ever seen a sexy Camry?

At the same time, Toyota dealers are busily selling down remaining stocks of the “old” 2017 Camry, which remains the best-selling car in America through April of 2017. Honda quibbles with that claim, by the way, and Toyota’s rival has a point. The Camry is sold willy-nilly to fleet operators such as rental car companies, government agencies, local municipalities, and, as you may have noticed, city cab companies. Honda sells its vehicles to people like you, an everyday consumer, conjecturing that this distinction in how the cars are sold actually makes its Accord and Civic models the most popular cars in the country.

Either way, dealers are dealing on the 2017 Toyota Camry, so we thought we’d revisit this retiring model to help you decide whether you should take advantage of great deals now or wait for the allegedly sexy new 2018 Camry to arrive in showrooms.

As such, Daily News Autos editor Christian Wardlaw and his wife, contributing writer Liz Kim spent a week driving a 2017 Camry XSE with a power sunroof, a blind spot warning system with rear cross-traffic alert, Smart Key entry with push-button engine starting, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a universal garage door opener, an anti-theft system, and a carpeted mat set. The price tag came to $29,680 (including the destination charge of $885).

She Says:

Are you sure we had a 2017 Toyota Camry in our driveway for a week? Positive? Because I can barely remember the dang thing, it’s so bland.

It’s not so ugly as to leave an impression, and it’s not handsome enough to remark upon its angles or curves. The front fascia is shorn of any memorable sharpness, while the rear is unworthy of a second glance. I suppose that the mesh grille of the XSE is preferable to the horizontal slats of other trim levels, and the creases along the side of the hood are interesting if you’re looking at them from a low angle.

In short, the Toyota Camry looks like a midsize sedan, and that’s about it.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, especially for those who seek basic transportation and don’t want to stand out in a crowd. I think that a family touring an unfamiliar city would definitely prefer to drive an anonymous vehicle, and those working government jobs with government-issued vehicles would relish the relief from public scrutiny. But I’d prefer to drive something with a sense of style to it.

Inside, the Camry’s cabin displayed similar restraint, as the test vehicle was dressed in black on black, my least favorite vehicle color scheme. Still, the silver trim pieces are prominent enough to dress it up a little bit, the red stitching contrasted nicely with the black upholstery, and the overall build quality was very good, as was the quality of the materials.
You can tell that the Camry XSE is the sporty model by its rear spoiler. No, it doesn’t add downforce to improve high-speed stability.

He Says:

I agree that the Camry is utterly forgettable in terms of its design.

Last redesigned for the 2012 model year, the outgoing Camry was styled to maximize fuel efficiency. Remember, half a decade ago gas was expensive, and the economy was still in recovery from the Great Recession. The result was a slab-sided, crisply cornered automobile with all of the charm of a white refrigerator. A chrome moustache grille and pincer-style taillights were attempts at giving the car character, but Toyota’s approach to the 2012 Camry’s styling drove consumers to purchase the stiffly suspended Camry SE in record numbers for its sportier monochrome appearance and decent wheel designs.

For 2015, Toyota reskinned the Camry, adding Lexus-like drama up front, more dramatic character for the hood and flanks, and a reworked rear end. Though the roof and greenhouse remained unchanged, a visual trick aft of the rear door windows gave the Camry a sleeker appearance.

With that as preamble, the Camry is, umm, acceptable in the looks department. I really don’t have an opinion one way or another, except to state that the 18-inch wheels installed on the XSE model go a long way toward improving the car’s look. The bright blue paint, unusual for a humdrum family sedan, was the only exterior feature that elicited commentary from anyone. Our Gen Y nephews thought it was an odd color for a car like the Camry.

Inside, the Camry’s appealing dashboard appears to have a huge plastic waterfall of screens and controls tacked onto it, ruining to some degree the cabin’s cohesiveness. Ergonomically, though, large knobs and buttons combined with a logical control layout make operating the Camry easy. All Toyota needs to do is upgrade the infotainment system, which is happening for 2018.

She Says:

Right! The searingly bright blue paint. Totally WRX, and does not complement the Camry’s personality at all. The effect is not unlike Sir Ian McKellan in a romper (or romp-him). Totally jarring.
How it Feels
Apparently, the less you weigh, the more comfortable the Camry XSE’s front seats will be. (Speedy Daddy Media, Inc.)

He Says:

At first, I find it easy to get comfortable in the Camry XSE. A multitude of power adjustments for the driver, combined with soft surfaces everywhere you’re likely to rest an elbow as well as a tilt/telescopic steering wheel, make a positive first impression.

After a few hours on the road, though, the seats start to feel hard rather than supportive, you become aware that the padding on the center console is just dense enough to mask the hard plastic beneath it, and that the leather wrapped around the steering wheel is neither as smooth or as supple as what’s offered in some competing vehicles.

I’m not a fan of the rear seat, either. It’s roomy enough, and the bottom cushion sits up high with decent support, but the backrests are too reclined for comfort and force occupants to slouch. Air conditioning vents definitely add to comfort levels, and can be shut off when a passenger gets too cold. The Camry lacks rear USB charging ports, though, an increasingly unforgivable sin.

Materials require an upgrade, too. The upper portion of the cabin impresses, but the lower part is paneled in plastic that is too obvious about its construction. The simulated suede seat inserts used in the Camry XSE look good, though, and help to hold a driver in place when tackling corners with enthusiasm.
Roomy and equipped with air conditioning vents that can be shut off when desirable, the Camry’s back seat is comfortable for some, but not for others. (Speedy Daddy Media, Inc.)

She Says:

I found the driver’s seat to be very comfy, and I was easily able to find a great driving position, but I have consistently found that forward visibility out of the Camry is problematic. I like to sit up high, and the thick windshield pillars and low-mounted rear view mirror impede my view out.

Also a little dismaying, the passenger’s seat didn’t have a height adjuster. Why manufacturers so often neglect this very basic accommodation is beyond me.

I do dig all of the thoughtful bins and cubbies that easily accommodate the accouterments of daily life, such as the covered bin forward of the shifter perfect for holding my phone and keys, and an open bin in front of the console for loose change or receipts. Unfortunately, the Camry’s Qi-compatible wireless charging pad is useless to our Apple-addled family.

I heard no complaints about the rear seat, as the Camry offers loads of room for even three full-size adults. There are bottle holders and storage spaces in the doors to hold this and that, and the rear air conditioning vents are especially appreciated.

I did find that the doors and trunk felt light and insubstantial when shutting them, a sensation accompanied by a tinny sound and shudder. But, light doors might be easier to use for those who lack vigor.

He Says:

I forgot to mention the storage areas...Toyota does a terrific job of providing places to stash your stuff. However, the trunk, measuring 15.4 cubic-feet, is on the small side of the midsize sedan spectrum.
How it Works
When it comes to a car’s controls, simplicity rules. Based on how Toyota lays out the 2017 Camry’s dashboard, the company understands this. (Speedy Daddy Media, Inc.)

She Says:

Toyota gets it! The 2017 Camry gives you large volume and tuning knobs located in their rightful place on the center stack, along with separate secondary buttons and a climate control section underneath. It’s traditional, it’s familiar, and it’s the best arrangement.

Unfortunately, Toyota doesn’t offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone projection for the infotainment system, but my test vehicle had plenty of apps to keep me informed and entertained through Entune App Suite.

Many modern cars have minimized the tachometer, or done away with them altogether, but with the Camry Toyota keeps it old-school, providing a tach as big as the speedometer. And I like that the driver information center between the gauges displays directional information from the navigation system.
Toyota will introduce a next-generation infotainment system in the new 2018 Camry. The old 2017 Camry makes do with this rapidly aging version of the company’s Entune App Suite technology.

He Says:

Oversized buttons and knobs, located where they are easy to see and expected to be, make the Camry simple and intuitive to use. In turn, this helps to minimize driver distraction. I’ll bet you can even operate them while wearing gloves, which cannot be said for many of today’s feature-packed vehicles.

As for the Entune App Suite infotainment system, well, it is looking just as dated as the Camry’s styling. The screen is small, it lacks a flush glass surface, and the stacked slivers of touch-sensitive radio station presets are hard to use with accuracy, especially given the Camry XSE’s stiff ride quality.

Plus, Toyota remains steadfast in its disinclination to add smartphone projection technology to its vehicles, so no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for you. Why? Toyota has cited concerns about data security, and feels that the 2018 Camry’s new Entune 3.0 infotainment system offers a superior user experience.

You can’t get a Wi-Fi connection using Entune, either. Siri Eyes Free is included, however, a feature that I find quite useful.
How it Drives
Stiff suspension tuning, bigger tires, heavy steering, and extra bracing are supposed to the make the 2017 Camry XSE more fun to drive. It is, but only when measured against a Camry LE or XLE.

He Says:

Our test car arrived with the popular 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine rather than the excellent 3.5-liter V6 engine, putting a damper on the potential for fun. A Camry XSE with a V6 is genuinely fast. A Camry XSE with a 4-cylinder, not so much.

With 178 horsepower and 170 lb.-ft. of torque, and thanks to a 6-speed automatic transmission that is attentive about making the car as responsive as possible, my bet is that most people will find this engine satisfactory most of the time. Still, given that the V6 cranks out 268 horsepower and 248 lb.-ft. of torque, and is rated to get 25 mpg in combined driving rather than the 4-cylinder’s 27 mpg, I strongly urge people to consider the bigger engine.

Looking back at my notes from a drive in the 2015 XSE V6, I see that the car returned 22.9 mpg on my test loop. This 2017 XSE 4-cylinder averaged 23.6 mpg. This convinces me even more that the V6 is the way to go.

As far as driving dynamics are concerned, the Camry is definitely showing its age. In alignment with their sportier personalities, the SE and XSE trim levels receive structural enhancements and stiffer suspension tuning, while the XSE further gains handling potential through its set of 18-inch wheels and 225/45 tires. While this might have been satisfactory five years ago, the competition has surpassed the Camry with more robust vehicle architectures and deftly tuned underpinnings.

The ride is stiff when you’d rather experience compliance, and the suspension allows too much body roll when you’d prefer a flatter cornering attitude. The all-season tires don’t offer as much grip as is expected of a sporty sedan, and the steering isn’t particularly sharp. The worst thing about driving the Camry, regardless of the situation, is brake pedal numbness that contributes to difficult modulation.

Certainly, among all Camry models, the XSE possesses the greatest potential for showing you a good time. But in comparison to many midsize sedans with sporting intentions, it comes up short.
The Camry’s standard 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine is rated to get 27 mpg in combined driving. The available 3.5-liter V6, which is far more powerful and enjoyable, is expected to return 25 mpg. Upgrade yourself. (Speedy Daddy Media, Inc.)

She Says:

Toyota thinks that calling its sedan sporty will make it sporty. I am here to tell you that this is not so.

Acceleration from the 4-cylinder engine is decent, but again, nothing to get excited about. It just does what you think it should with no drama. Power delivery is fairly linear, lacking both swells of motive force and holes of unresponsiveness, and the transmission is predictable with regard to its shifts. I don’t like how clunky the shifter feels, though. Every time I took it out of park, I was thinking that the Camry would benefit from a rotating shift knob like the one inside of a Ford Fusion. I’m usually not a fan of novelty transmission shifters but the lever felt pretty junky.

Renowned for isolating its occupants from the road, which results in a quiet chamber from which to do other things such as listen to the radio, think about the upcoming peer review, or converse with your passengers, the Camry is not known for fostering driver engagement with the car and the road. The SE and XSE models are supposed to be different, and not just because they look sportier. Toyota actually takes steps to make them better at delivering a modicum of enjoyment.

This effort, however, is not successful. Overall, handling is a bit flaccid. The steering is light, although the tight turning circle is appreciated in parking lots. Brake pedal feel is mushy, and calibration needs to be improved. While the Camry didn’t exhibit too much body roll when tossed into a curve, it did show quite a bit of front to rear wallow.

Honestly, I did not enjoy driving this car. The Camry has never had a reputation for being a driver’s car, and this outgoing 2017 version won’t help to change that. What it does deliver is a mostly smooth, eerily quiet ride to endure your commute.

He Says:

I realize that we use different driving loops, but we’re pretty far apart on ride quality and steering heft. I find the car too stiff and the steering on the heavy side, but you cite a smooth ride and light steering effort. Why do you think that is?

She Says:

Different frame of reference and perspectives, I guess. That’s why everyone should read more than just a couple of reviews, and most importantly, test drive cars, preferably extensively, themselves.
Would we buy one?
The Toyota Camry’s trunk measures 15.4 cubic feet, which is mid-pack among midsize cars. (Speedy Daddy Media, Inc.)

Her Verdict:

The Toyota Camry made its reputation by delivering trouble-free motoring to millions of owners, a fact reflected in its Consumer Reports “Recommended” rating for the umpteenth time, its numerous reliability awards, and its high resale value. No, the Camry won’t make your adrenaline surge with excitement, but should your pulse be racing in an actual emergency, it’s nice to know that you can depend on this sensible car to start, get in gear, and get you out of trouble.

But our family wants something more. We want a car that we enjoy touting, and one that makes us smile every time we get into it. Mere practicality doesn’t cut it. I think that if we were in the market for a family sedan, the Camry would land pretty far down on our list.

If it came down to the top titans of the family sedan cage match, it would be Accord FTW.

His Verdict:

Affordability, reliability, and safety are among the primary reasons that people choose one car over another, and the 2017 Camry delivers on all three fronts. But if you want something more than that, this Toyota is unlikely to deliver it.

Personally, I want more. I want a greater sense of style. I want engaging driving dynamics. I want to drive a car of which I can be proud to own, and something that isn’t ubiquitous on American roads. While that last requirement makes for a lousy business case for any car company, the rest of this wish list is achievable. And it appears that Toyota will do just that with the redesigned 2018 Camry.

If you have an immediate need for a dependable set of wheels, a discounted 2017 Camry makes sense. Otherwise, take a look at my favorite in the segment, the Mazda Mazda6, or wait for the all-new 2018 Camry to go on sale.
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Hyundai teases Kona subcompact crossover ahead of European release later this year

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Hyundai teases Kona subcompact crossover ahead of European release later this year
 The world will soon get another weird subcompact crossover SUV, this time from Hyundai.

Featuring razor-thin headlights, Hyundai’s “cascading” grille design, bulky fenders and a sharp, shoulder accent line, the Kona will go head-to-head with the likes of the Toyota C-HR and Nissan Juke in terms of size and overall wonkiness.

Sharing a name with the a district on the Big Island of Hawaii (as well as a lovely craft brewery located in the 50th state), Hyundai’s latest SUV offering will make its debut in Europe later this year, but given the trend of automakers migrating their smallest crossovers the U.S., don’t be surprised to see the Kona slot just beneath the Tucson in the Korean brand’s North American lineup.

Hyundai, at least ostensibly, intended to keep the Kona’s identity at least somewhat secret, obscuring the teaser images with digitally enhance shadows. Fortunately for us, it did not do a very good job so with a few tweaks in Photoshop the entire vehicle is easily visible.

From where I sit, the Kona looks something like a cross between a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Nissan Rogue, although given its competitive segment I might have to amend that to be a Rogue Sport.

A head-up display in the Kona will show information about speed, fuel consumption, navigation, media, etc. in an 8-inch projection on the windshield in front of the driver, allowing him or her to avoid avert breaking eye contact with the road. This is by no means novel technology, but it is interesting that Hyundai will employ it in what figures to be an entry-level crossover.

Hyundai, in a press release, said hopes its latest SUV offering well help it achieve its goal of becoming the top Asian automaker in Europe by 2021. Stay tuned for more details about the Kona later this summer.
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Friday, 2 June 2017

By purchasing a CPO car, you may be able to afford a luxury model that would be out of your price range if you bought it new

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 Luxury cars represent the best the automotive world has to offer, and it's hard to ignore their siren call. They come with brand cachet and elegant good looks, and they travel over blacktop with superior refinement. The top models in this segment provide cabins that are nothing short of palatial, with impeccable materials and a full complement of convenience and technology amenities.

By purchasing a CPO car, you may be able to afford a luxury model that would be out of your price range if you bought it new
The downside to luxury cars is that new models can be prohibitively expensive. If you choose to soar at these nosebleed heights, get ready for a car note that looks a lot like a hefty mortgage payment.

However, there's one option you should consider before ruling out a luxury-car purchase, and it involves shopping for a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. CPO luxury cars are available at relatively affordable prices.

Let's take a look at the expenses you should keep in mind when comparing the two.

Depreciation works in your favor when you're buying a CPO car. It makes models from luxury brands such as Audi much more accessible. (Pexels)

Let's say you have $20,000 to spend, and you're in the market for a sedan.

Among new mainstream models, that purchase price qualifies you for choices such as the Volkswagen Jetta, Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze, and Nissan Sentra. Each of these cars is impressive in its own way.

However, that $20,000 could also buy you a seat at the luxury-car table. A look at Mercedes-Benz's CPO inventory revealed a 2011 C300 with 56,000 miles and a price tag of just under $18 grand. There was also a 2013 C250 with 35,000 miles and a price tag of $18,980. If you're willing to purchase a car with higher mileage, you could step up to the lauded E-Class. We found a 2011 model with 70,000 miles priced at just under $20 grand.

A new C-Class sedan has a starting price of $39,500, and a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan costs $52,150. Purchasing these cars on the CPO market can save you more that 50 percent when it comes to price.

A new luxury vehicle can be expensive. However, if you're willing to purchase a CPO model, you can find superlative luxury cars that are priced on par with new mainstream models.

CPO cars come with financing rates that are more competitive than those offered on other used cars. (Pexels)

If you're purchasing a car, you'll probably need to take out a loan, and with loans come interest rates.

When it comes to financing new or used cars, you're typically able to get lower interest rates when securing a loan to purchase a new car. Interest rates on used cars are typically higher than rates on new models.

However, you can finance a CPO car at rates that are much more competitive than typical used-car rates. It's not unusual for luxury brands such as BMW and Infiniti to offer rates on CPO models that are as low as 0.9 percent.

The bottom line here is that if you don't have to pay higher interest rates when financing a CPO luxury car. If you're willing to look around for the best deals, you may be able to secure rates that are comparable to those offered on new mainstream models.

If you shop wisely, you can find a CPO luxury car that offers strong fuel economy. (Pexels)

Many mainstream cars are designed to be supremely fuel efficient. For example, the Volkswagen Jetta sedan gets mileage of up to 28/38 mpg city/highway when equipped with an automatic transmission.

However, CPO luxury cars are available that offer good mileage, as well. That 2011 Mercedes-Benz C300 that we mentioned earlier gets mileage of up to 18/25 mpg city/highway. And if you're willing to purchase a car that's fueled by diesel, you can get a 2014 BMW 328d and enjoy mileage of 31/43 mpg.

If you make an informed choice, it's possible to purchase a CPO luxury car that offers mileage that's just as frugal as that offered by a mainstream model.

New cars come with great warranties, giving you peace of mind and saving you money on repairs and maintenance. When purchasing a new Honda, you get a basic warranty that covers 3 years or 36,000 miles, and a powertrain warranty that covers 5 years or 60,000 miles.

But CPO luxury cars have a lot to offer on the warranty front, as well. For example, Lexus CPO cars come with an impressive 6-year/unlimited-mileage warranty, along with complimentary maintenance for 2 years or 20,000 miles.

Make no mistake: Used cars in general—and used luxury cars in particular—are more expensive to maintain. If you plan on keeping your CPO car after the warranty expires, you'll face higher maintenance costs than you would with a new mainstream model.

However, if you purchase a CPO luxury car with a great warranty and trade the car in before the warranty expires, you'll be able to create a sweet deal for yourself when it comes to maintenance costs.
Taxes, license and registration Fees

Taxes, license, and registration fees on a car purchase vary from state to state.

In many states, these fees are calculated as a straight percentage of the vehicle's sales price. This means that you'd pay the same amount in taxes, license, and registration for a $20,000 new mainstream model as you would for a $20,000 CPO luxury car.

Many factors play a part in determining the insurance rates you pay on your car. The area in which you live, your driving history, your gender, your age, your marital status, your claims record, and even your credit history can impact your monthly insurance premium.

Vehicle price is one factor that is considered when insurers are calculating premiums. The steeper a vehicle's price tag, the more costly it will be to replace. For this reason—all other things being equal—expensive cars cost more money to insure than inexpensive ones.

Happily, CPO luxury cars aren't that expensive, and this has a positive effect on the insurance costs these models incur. Due to depreciation, you can get a CPO luxury model that's priced the same as a budget sedan.

Depreciation is an expense you don't usually think about until the time comes to sell or trade in your vehicle. A car's resale value is the amount it's worth after a certain period of ownership, and its rate of depreciation will have a direct effect on its resale value.

Since new cars can depreciate by as much as 19 percent after just one year of ownership, you'll always lose less of the vehicle's value to depreciation when purchasing a used car. For this reason, a CPO luxury car can be a strong pick if you're concerned about depreciation expense.

There's nothing quite like a luxury car. With a CPO purchase, you may be able to park that Mercedes-Benz S-Class you've been dreaming of in your garage. (Mercedes-Benz/Wieck)

Sometimes we talk ourselves out of getting the things we want because we have belief systems in place that prevent us from seeing certain opportunities. If you believe you can't afford a luxury car, you may overlook approaches that can make obtaining one a reality.

However, if you tackle your car purchase with an open mind, you'll probably find that you're able to get that desirable luxury model you thought was out of reach. The CPO market exponentially expands your car-buying options.
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Monday, 22 May 2017

Jaguar XE Diesel bharat main shuru kiya gya; price 38.25 lakh se shuru

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                          Jaguar XE Diesel bharat main shuru kiya gya; price 38.25 lakh se shuru

Jaguar XE Diesel bharat main shuru kiya gya; price 38.25 lakh se shuru Online latest trends

Nye Jagua XE Diesel 2-liter turbocharged Diesel engine dawara sanchaalit hai joh 177  bhp banata hai aur 430 Nm peak torque vikaas karta hai. car bharat bhar main Jaguar showrooms main bookings ke liye pehle he uplabdh hai.

Jaguar XE Diesel bharat main shuru kiya gya; price 38.25 lakh se shuru Online latest trends

Jaguar land rover (JLR) ne apne pravesh star ke XE sedan ke diesel sankaran ko launch kiya hai, joh 38.25 lakh
(ex-showroom, Delhi) ke shuruate price par pesh kiya gya hai. car ke liye booking lagbhag 24 lakh ke liye bharat ke 24 Jaguar showroom main pehle se he shuru ho chuki hai aur car ke liye deliveries jaldhi he shuru ho jayege. petrol model ke tarah, car teen roopon main aa jayege - Pure, Prestige aur Portfolio yeh sanskaran January 2016 se pehle se he bharat main petrol sanskaran ke alava hai, jo vartamaan main 37.25 lakh RS ke keemat par hai.

Jaguar XE Diesel bharat main shuru kiya gya; price 38.25 lakh se shuru Online latest trends

Jaguar XE
44.74 Lakh * On Road Price {New Delhi}

Jaguar XE Diesel ke new Jaguar XE Diesel ke shuruat par tipane karte hue,Jaguar land rover india ke prabandh nideshak rohit suri ne kaha, "XE Jaguar family se aurJaguar XE Diesel ke sath ek bahut he safal model raha hai, hame vishvas hai ki hum desh main graahak adhaar.

Jaguar XE Diesel bharat main shuru kiya gya; price 38.25 lakh se shuru Online latest trends
Jaguar EX diesel ko compeny ke new Ingenium parivaar se 2 liter turbocharged, four-cylinder diesel engine dawara sanchalit kiya jayega. vaishvik star par engine two states main ata hai- 160 bhp aur 177 bhp, lekin bharat main, hum kewal adhik shaktishali ek he praapt karte hai. ek oil burner hone ke karan, engine bhi bade paimaane par 430 NM peak torque vikasit karta hai. transmission ke liye, car manak ke roop main paddle shifters ke sath 8-speed standerd gearbox ke sath ata hai.

Jaguar XE Diesel bharat main shuru kiya gya; price 38.25 lakh se shuru Online latest trends

Design aur saundary prasadhan suvidhao ke sandarbh main, jaguaar XE diesel petrol sanskaran ke samaan hai. kcar Jaguar ke halke Aluminium Architecture par banaye gye hai joh aerospace udyog se compeny ke iconic sports coupe, Jaguar F-type ke samaan hai. features front par, XE diesel main prasaad ke sath- Meridian Sound System, panoramic sunroof  aur InControl infotainment system ke sath ek 8 inch touchscreen display shaamil hai. aap JaguarDrive cantrol sistem bhi prapt kar sakte hai joh apko samany, paaristhitikee, gatisheel mode ya varsha barph himapaat mode ke bech chayan karne ke anumati deta hai, pratyek supare se steering aur  throttle mapping badal raha hai.
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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Suzuki ka Turbocharged Engine jald hi vastavikta bann sakta hai

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 Suzuki ka Turbocharged Engine jald hi vastavikta bann sakta hai Online latest trends

                                Suzuki ka Turbocharged Engine jald hi vastavikta bann sakta hai

yeh haal hi main pata chala tha ki Japanese motercycle permukh, Suzuki ne motercycle ke liye ek turbocharged engine ke liye patents dayar ke hai. afvahe internet par prachalit hai ki yeh peryatan avadharan, utpadan ke roop main hoge. compeny ne pehle 2013 Tokyo moter show main Suzuki Recursion ka pradarshan kiya avadharana bike main ek 588 cc samananter-twin engine hai, joh 100 bhp aur 100 nm torque ke roop main bhi manthan kar sakta hai. vaah karak engine tha, jiska terbo ya majburan preran pradyogike tha suzuki ne 2015 mein ek he vichar pradarshit kiya tha, lekin ise baar, avadharana motercycle main uch visthapan tha.
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Ducati , byaaj se motercycle fans ko akarshit karti hai

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Ducati , byaaj se motercycle fans ko akarshit karti hai Online latest trends

                                   Ducati , byaaj se motercycle fans ko akarshit karti hai

Iconic Italian motercycle brand Ducati  private equity firms aur motercycle nirmataon se dilchasp akarshit kar rahe hai kyoki malik Volkswagen AG  bikri par vichar kar raha hai, ise mamle se parichit logo ne kaha hai.

Permira or CVC capital patners or hero motocorp ltd. sahit udyog main bani baytoyar ferms ke bole laga rahe hai, logo ne kaha ki inhe pehchanana nahi chahiye kyoki vichar vimarsh nije hai. Eicher moters limited, royal enfield motercycle ke nirmata bhi ruchi ho sakti hai, 2 logo ne kaha

ek aupacharik bikri prakriya agle kuch days main ducati ke liye shuru ho sakati hai, joh ki 1 arab doller se adhik ka moolyavaan ho sakati hai, logo ne kaha. koi akhari nirnay nahi kiya gya hai, aur compneyes ko ek prastav ke khilafh tay kar sakte hai, unhone kaha.vheedablyoo ke audi premium-kar divizen, joh ducati ke owner hai, ise saal ke shuruati sambhavit boledataon ko shuru karna shuru kar diya, ise mamale se parichit logo ne  April main kaha tha.

Ducati , byaaj se motercycle fans ko akarshit karti hai Online latest trends
Volkswagen ke ode ikaee, parmira, CVC, hero aur Eicher ke pratinidhiyo ne tipne karne se inkaar kar diya.

VW rananeetik vikalpon par salah dene ke liye aivairchorai patners Inc ke advisers ke sath kaam kar raha hai, halanki yeh abhi bhi marque ko rakhne ka nirney le sakta hai, log ne kaha tha. compeney ke mukhy karyakari adhikari  Matthias Mueller ne 2015 main bharti hone ke baad udyogik diggaj compney ko suvyavasthit banane ke koshish ke hai. lagat main munaphe ko bahaal karna aur lagam banana shurU karna shuru ho gya hai

Ducati , byaaj se motercycle fans ko akarshit karti hai Online latest trends
Ducati, joh 1920 ke dashak ke date se 35,000 pound ka waight 355 pound ka hai, jismain 355 pound ka waight 35,000 pound hai. motogp aur superbike event sahit racing mein compeny ke bike ka istemaal kiya jata hai.

Audi neItalian buyout firm Investindustrial se ducati ko 2012 main 860 million euros (962 million doller) ke liye kharidne par sahmati jatai. niveshak ne 2006 main compeny main ek any nije equity , TPG se ek nyantrit hisedarri li.

friday ko Frankfurt main Volkswagen 0.7 % chadkar 139.40 par bandd hua. shares main ise saal 4.5 % ke badhotari hue hai.
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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Maruti Suzuki ki new car suzuki Dizire

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Maruti Suzuki ki new car suzuki Dizire Online latest trends

                                               Maruti Suzuki ki new car suzuki Dizire

Aaj bharat mein maaruti sujukee dijaayar kompaikt sedaan lonch hua hai, aur kaar ke baare mein bahut khabaren hain. yahaan naee maruti sujukee dijaayar kee keemat, pheechars, injan vinirdeshon, mailej, dizain aur adhik kee vistrt soochee hai.

Petrol Manual

LXi  /  RS 5,45,000

VXi / RS 6,29,000

ZXi + RS 7,94,000

Petrol Automatic

VXi / RS 6,76,000

ZXi / RS 7,52,000

ZXi+ RS 8,41,000

Diesel Manual

LDi Rs 6,45,000

VDi Rs 7,29,000

ZDi Rs 8,05,000

ZDi+ Rs 8,94,000

Diesel Automatic

VDi Rs 7,67,000

ZDi Rs 8,52,000

ZDi+ Rs 9,41,000

Maruti Suzuki ki new car suzuki Dizire Online latest trends

New 2017 ke new maruti suzuki dizaayar compact sedaan mein ek naya morcha aur phir se kaam karane vaala bampar bhee shaamil hai. dizaayar ab din ke chalane vaalee roshanee, 15 inch ka mishr dhaatu pahiyon ke saath oto eleedee hedalait aur eleedee laimp bhee milatee hai. nayee dizaayar aautagoing modal kee tulana mein tej aur sportiyar dikhatee hai

andar kee taraph se, dizaayar ko ek naya dopahar-ton daish khatm ho jaata hai, saath mein ek naya sapaat talavaar vaala steeyaring vheel maaruti sujukee krom ke saath udaar bhee hai, jo yantr klastar, giyar leevar, aur daravaaze ke haindal ko sajaatee hai.

Maruti Suzuki ki new car suzuki Dizire Online latest trends

New designer ke inteeriyar aur praaniyon ke aaraam ke baare mein bolate hue, kompaikt sedaan ek maltee-phankshanal steeyaring vheel, otometiv jalavaayu niyantran, endroid oto, eppal kaaraple, aur miraralink ka samarthan karane vaalee ek 7 inch intokanament sistam ke saath aata hai.

pahale baar, naya 2017 dizaayar peechhe ke lie ek eyarakon vent ke saath aata hai, jabaki oaaraveeem ab ek batan kee dhakka se vaapas le ja sakata hai. peechhe kee seet bhee ek armraist khelenge.

Maruti Suzuki ki new car suzuki Dizire Online latest trends

sabhee kaar nirmaata ke lie suraksha ek mahatvapoorn pahaloo hai dijaayar ek majaboot, halka haiartaicht pletaphaarm par banaaya gaya hai. kaar oph-sait, said aur yaatree kraish suraksha niyamon ko poora karatee hai, jabaki nirmaata ne doharee eyarabaig aur ebeees ko maanak ke roop mein eebeedee ke saath susajjit kiya hai.

Car ke suraksha, haalaanki, ek haaliya ghatana ke roop mein savaal utha rahee hai jisamen ek naya dizaayar saamane aaya tha, jisane kaar ko gadabadee huee gandagee mein chhoda tha. haalaanki durghatana uchch gati kee ghatana ka maamala ho sakata tha, suraksha ka savaal uthata hai.

Maruti Suzuki ki new car suzuki Dizire Online latest trends
Engine Specifications And Gearbox

Aage badhate hue, naee maaruti sujukee dijaayar kompaikt sedaan maujooda injan lainap, ek 1.2-leetar petrol injan aur 1.3 leetar phiet-esosieted deejal injan ko aage badhaega.

1.2 leetar petrol motar 82 beepeepee aur toq ke 114 enem ka utpaadan karatee hai, jabaki 1.3 leetar deejal mil mein 73 beeechapee aur 1 9 0 enem toq ka utpaadan hota hai. donon injan ek maanak 5-speed mainual giyaraboks mein joda jaega, jabaki ek svachaalit (eematee) ikaee donon prakaaron par vaikalpik hai.

maruti sujookee kitaka detee hai ke savaal ka javaab de rahee hai kyonki yah maaruti kee vigyaapan rananeeti thee. deejal injan 28.4 kimee / leetar ka ek laabh vaala aankada deta hai, jabaki petrol injan 22 kimee / lee yah sambhav hai kyonki naya dijaayar modal kee tulana mein lagabhag 100 kigra laitar hai.

Maruti Suzuki ki new car suzuki Dizire Online latest trends
Colour Options

New maruti suzuki dijaayar ko baaharee rang vikalpon kee mejabaanee kee jaegee, jisamen oksaphord bloo, sheravud braun, veerat red, maigma gre, silkee silvar aur aarkatik vhait shaamil hain.


2017 mein maaruti dijaayar baajaar mein any compacket sedaanon ke saath pratispardha karega jisamen hundee eksent, taata teegar, honda amez aur phord aspaayar shaamil hain.
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