Saturday, 10 February 2018

Man who tried to shove co-worker headfirst into a wood chipper is sentenced to 5 years

 A man who tried to push his coworker headfirst into a wood chipper machine has been sentenced to five years in prison.
Man who tried to shove co-worker headfirst into a wood chipper is sentenced to 5 years

Scott Iverson was working as part of a tree service crew in Keizer, Ore., when he put co-worker Austin Crawford in a chokehold and tried to shove him into the machine, police said.

Iverson, who pleaded guilty to attempted assault, was sentenced to 70 months, KATU reported.

Crawford was throwing brush into the active wood chipper in April of last year when Iverson approached from behind and put him in a chokehold, he told police.

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Iverson managed to push Crawford’s torso onto the feeding table of the wood chipper during the struggle, police said.

Crawford tried desperately to cling to the sides of the table, and recounted thinking, “I really don’t want to die this way,” according to the Statesman Journal.

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He managed to break free at one point, but Crawford punched him in the head, pushed him back towards the chipper, and started lifting his leg onto the feeding tube before another employee intervened.

Iverson reportedly told the other coworker that Crawford was a pedophile, saying, “I can tell by the way he’s talking.”

Crawford, who does not have a criminal record of sexual abuse, was confused by the attack, and told police there weren’t any apparent issues between them, the Statesman Journal reported.

Crawford suffered injuries to his neck and jaw, while Iverson was arrested on charges of attempted murder and assault.
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