Thursday, 26 October 2017

Con artist who posed as German heiress in bank scheme busted for stealing $275G

Con artist who posed as German heiress in bank scheme busted for stealing $275G Onlinelatesttrends
 A 26-year-old serial scam artist and aspiring socialite stole about $275,000 by defrauding banks and others, Manhattan prosecutors said Thursday.

Anna Sorokin, who also goes by Anna Delvey, was held without bail at her arraignment on charges including grand larceny, attempted grand larceny and theft of services.

She claimed to be a wealthy German heiress to try to get a $22 million loan to open a private club, prosecutor say.

In one instance, she overdrafted an account at City National Bank and kept $55,000 she scored from it. She spent the money on personal trainer sessions, hotel stays at 11 Howard in SoHo and other personal expenses, prosecutors said.

Another time, she deposited $160,000 in bad checks to Citibank and transferred $70,000 to another account before the deposits could be returned.

Prosecutors said Sorokin also duped a pal into paying for their $62,000 luxury trip to Morocco.

Sorokin previously was busted for skipping out on $12,000 in hotel bills. She failed to show up to court to answer the charges and a warrant had been ordered.

Her attorney Todd Spodek said she recently was in a rehabilitation facility in Malibu. She was extradited to New York to face the indictment for the larger con game.

Spodek argued in court that the deals with banks were attempts at honest efforts.

"It appears that she had every intention to complete legitimate business transactions," the lawyer said.
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