Friday, 9 June 2017

Teen killed, another wounded after Facebook feud sparked shooting in Brooklyn

Teen killed, another wounded after Facebook feud sparked shooting in Brooklyn
 An escalating Facebook beef left a teen shot dead on a Brooklyn street and his cousin wounded early Friday after an ambush by two gunmen, authorities said.

Kieth Kyser, 17, was shot in the back and leg when the killers opened fire without saying a word as he walked with Karin Samuels, 14, to buy sandwiches at a local deli.

“Oh my God!” screamed a woman on the street. “He’s dead!”

Samuels survived the 1:45 a.m. gunfire with a bullet to the leg, and Kyser’s sister escaped the premeditated attack scared but unscathed.

“We came right around the block, and they came from behind the bushes,” the 18-year-old sister told the Daily News. “They started shooting. They didn’t say nothing.

“I was right there next to (Kieth). They started shooting.”

Kyser, one of seven kids and an aspiring fashion designer, was best friends with his younger cousin, according to family members. The killing occurred just a half-block from the Kyser home.

Police said three teens approached Kyser and the others as they walked along Broadway.

One of the teens reached out as if offering a handshake — and the other two reached for their guns and started blasting, cops said.

Neighbor Debbie Lewis, 57, said she heard as many as nine rapid-fire gunshots giving way to howls of grief in the darkness.

“People were hysterical, crying,” said Lewis, a mother of two. “It sounded really horrible ... From the way it sounded, it seemed like he died right away.”

A bottle of pink Vitamin Water, its contents spilled on the pavement, marked the spot where Kieth was killed. The teen was carrying his favorite drink when the shooting began.

EMTs rushed the two bleeding teens Kings County Hospital, where Kieth died. Family members said Samuels was recovering from his wounds.

Friends told detectives Kieth was feuding with someone on Facebook before he was shot. No details on the cyberspat were immediately released.

Cops nabbed one of the suspected shooters after he tried to hide inside a Broadway bodega about a mile from the killing.

The suspect told workers in the store he had just shot two people and was looking for a place to lay low until the police left.

Cops were questioning the suspect, and charges against him were pending. The man in custody has a dozen prior arrests, including a rape case, and was wanted for a Queens stabbing last September.

“We’re trying to figure out if there’s any video or any witnesses,” said NYPD Assistant Chief Jeffrey Maddrey.

The slain teen’s 21-year-old sister remembered her younger brother as a guy who cared about other people.

“He was a good, loving person,” she said. “He cares about everybody that was around him. If you didn't have it, he gave it to you. He loved everyone around him. You could not stay mad at him. All he did was crack jokes every day.”

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